G & S Diesel Services

G & S prides itself in delivering a wide variety of valuable services to the transport industry, which has earned it a reputation for excellence in fleet management. G & S Diesel provides:

Preventative Maintenance & Vehicle Servicing
They say prevention is better than the cure! G & S Diesel offer preventative maintenance through comprehensive vehicle servicing. Reduce your fleet's downtime, increase productivity and prolong vehicle lifecycles by maintaining your heavy vehicles at optimum performance levels.

Gearbox & Differential Repairs
G & S Diesel carry out quality gearbox and differential repairs, including clutch repair and if necessary, replacement for all damaged parts. Having strong, well lubricated and professionally maintained gearboxes and diffs is the only way to keep the wheels rolling!

Engine Repairs & Maintenance
A reliable fleet is one that keeps going! Keep the hearts of your heavy vehicles pumping strong with our extensive engine maintenance programs and expert repair services. A regularly serviced engine provides better performance, longer life and most importantly, can reduce your fuel bill.

Suspension & Brake Repairs
When it comes to brakes, you simply cannot afford to leave it to chance. G & S Diesel are expert repairers in brakes and offer front and rear reline, disc and drum machining, disc grinding, caliper servicing/overhauling, wheel cylinder replacement/servicing, hydraulic servicing and much more.

Our mechanics are also experts in heavy vehicle suspension, which for our customers equates to less tyre wear, shorter braking distances and a better ride for your drivers.

All RTA Services
Have you been defected by the RTA? G & S Diesel is an approved RTA repair shop and is authorised to clear RTA defects. We can even provide brown slips, pink slips and registration to ensure vehicle uptime remains where it should - at full capacity.

G & S Services are Guaranteed
All parts and repairs provided by G & S Diesel carry a comprehensive warranty, reducing your business risk and providing peace of mind.